Destruction from the Past

by Ancient Obliteration

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EP released in 2009. An experimental release with a rough sound. This is the first release with the current lineup, and has a strong old school production.


released July 24, 2009

G.O. - Vocals
J.A. - Guitars
L.H. - Bass, Vocals
M.F. - Drums



all rights reserved


Ancient Obliteration Vancouver, British Columbia

Reaction initiated by J.A. and L.H. in August 2006 with crude starting materials. M.F. and G.O. joined later on after various technician cancellations. Current product, A Menacing Reality, is raw but favourable. Currently a new product is in development, with more obscene ideas involving monsters. ... more

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Track Name: Tokyo Tower
Shock of the land, rape of the sky
Beasts of ancient reborn horrors
Panic stricken heads of power
Caress the death war engine
Fear as citizens habitually flee
Hearing the daily doomsday warnings
Beacon for the strange beasts
The flame burns across the land

The smoking
That once was
Track Name: Of Wisdom and Madness
Immortal through wisdom bearing all secrets
Craving for power wisdom galore
I've traded spirits for cold ancient lore
Craving for power wisdom galore
Centuries of stone shifts to great deserts
Craving for power madness in glory
Along my desperate search to rule over bone
Craving for power madness in glory

Phantasmal strength mental horror
Hail to the lich

Countless ribbons torn till isolation
Craving for power wisdom galore
In rotting towers of infinity
Craving for power wisdom galore
Knowledge parasite absorbing fresh minds
Craving for power madness in glory
Swelling and pulsing a plague on mankind
Craving for power madness in glory

Phantasmal strength mental horror
Hail to the lich

High atop the infinite tower
Watches lord Mortanos
Surveying his filth
Once benevolent
Now malevolent
Watchman of insanity

Hail to the lich
Decay in extreme power
Hail to the lich
Behold true knowledge
Hail to the lich
Witness disintegration glory
Track Name: Portal Beast
Violent machinery grinding out formula
To unravel perceptible reality
Numbers of doom selected at random
You've made a mistake, a grisly mistake
To dismantle the cycle of being
To open the gates of the unreal
You've searched far too long

Portal beast
Spatial disruptor
Portal beast
Time deceiver

Possession of brains, inhibit the peons
As tendrils slither through time and space
The horrendous misbelief howls its anthem
It bellows forth loud threats so dismal
For the unreal to wage war on real
The beast ripples with pleasure
As the mobs burn down the world
To ruin!

Portal beast
Rides the waves of infinity
Portal beast
Fucking illogical horror
Track Name: Defiler
War and all its tortures
Feed my cultural devastation
Pain, grief and confusion
Gleeful mark of hopeless futures

Rise of Defiler
Bow to Defiler

No use praying to your gods
Idols defaced, pissed on by dogs
Temples desecrated, priests mounted
The enslavement has just begun

Rise of defiler
Bow to defiler

My twin horns gorge your society
All your morals dripping over soil
Lapped up by youth, fecal in taste
Now to fill you with greed

Rise of defiler
Bow to defiler

Your legacy, your vitality
Twisted, contorted, filthy and starved
A true reflection of your captors
None can stop the defiler!
Track Name: Shogun
Glide into hordes of demons with blade and knife
Murky red flesh of a thousand fallen ashes
Burning coal eyes grimace in pleasure
Behead these beasts of hell, their horned heads fly
Cold tempered steel penetrates oily leather skin
Crimsons and violets dance in moonlit halls
The hour of unholy strength draws near
Oils of war, blood semen and mucus flood the pagoda

Climb the infernal staircase to reach the top
Fighting the wicked slaying the worthless
Do not succumb do not grow feeble
Fighting the wicked slaying the worthless
Gather supreme power above all to
Fight the wicked slay the worthless

Masters of the art of blade
You have reached the thirteenth floor
Now face the eight legged demon lord
Bury your blades into its brain
Gather the riches, finish the raid
My samurai: return the spoils of war

I am the supreme warlord
I rein control over land
Bow to your absolute master