A Menacing Reality

by Ancient Obliteration

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Debut full length by death thrash maniacs Ancient Obliteration. This album demonstrates the bizarre sound this Canadian band has developed up to this date, exploring the worlds of death metal and old science fiction films.


released December 6, 2010

G.O. - Vocals, Synth
L.H. - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
J.A. - Guitars
M.F. - Drums



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Ancient Obliteration Vancouver, British Columbia

Reaction initiated by J.A. and L.H. in August 2006 with crude starting materials. M.F. and G.O. joined later on after various technician cancellations. Current product, A Menacing Reality, is raw but favourable. Currently a new product is in development, with more obscene ideas involving monsters. ... more

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Track Name: Radiated Overlords
Atomic abominations enslaving the human race
No escape from the maze, subterranean death factory
Our numbers vast superior and our strength remains unequal
You've submitted your lives to us, eternal workforce

Born of earth, scorched by man, race of master creation
Feel our power as you crawl among the feeble
Endless hours inside the loaded chambers
To build the infestation to complete totality

Mysterious deaths, a secret of the desert
Burn the bastards, send them to hell!
Spawn of burning suns gifts of science
Till darkness and destruction and the beasts will reign of the earth

Ant lords rule in absolute power
Segmentation along a former empire
We're finished...

Radiated Overlords
Radiated Overlords
Feel our power as you crawl among the feeble
Track Name: Look Inside Yourself
primitive gut-controlled sapien
come closer to my essence
i'm aware of your perversion
thath which channels this meeting
of fine detestation
and rich succulence
embrace this sorrowful ceremony;
I shall comfort...

I fall as I stand
Staring into my (empty soul)
complete and utter desolation
before my eyes (nothingness glares)

falling (enter) sinking (eternal)
contemplation (do it)
trance (immersed) staring (engulf)
self-absorption (do it)

your rich history of painful
self-analysis to the point of
has summoned you here
fulfill our desires
the rites of man
be devoured
by your own self-loathing

Entering the chasm
The black mirror (reflects)
Thyself in constant repetition
Sanity in question (no longer)

Falling (release) sinking (solace)
contemplation (desire)
trance (pacified) staring (behold)
Self-absorption (do it)

Look inside yourself
Track Name: Seeking the Slimegod
Journeying into the jungle
Carving paths through the branches
Trying to avoid the heat
Feel the burn of dehydration
The Grinding feel of hunger kicking in

Brushing up against the ivy
it slowly makes it way
green clear liquid on your flesh
a molecular abomination to take over
a parasitic symbiote
eukaryotic, vile mucus

we, servants to the wooded domain,
we channel forth unreal strength
to call upon the primary essence
it who paints death!
we, who have championed spirits,
we request a great purge
of thy inner disorder, oh great one
it who paints death!

Unknown properties expose themselves
extreme fevers, enter delirium
further studies show violent behaviour
tissues deteriorate over time
dismemberment becoming an issue
like a leper, limbs start to die

It slithers into your skin
To Devour you from within

Disciples of your grace
Faithful servants of your will
Imbue us with your power
oh loyal pawns we live to serve
it who paints death!

Fools of flesh and bone
Your impertinence displeases me
more than mere figurehead
I am beyond all comprehension!
but I'm not your god!
I'm your eternal damnation
My wrath manifest upon thee!!

Puss and blood spilling together
Snap, crackle, pop, of your bones
Such a painful way to die
crying out in agony
Track Name: Professor of Black Magic
you don't believe in the devil?
well I have news for you
I have met with Pontius Pilate
he who sentenced Christ
to death!
come watch my seance
to satisfy your curiosity
meet my band of hellish miscreants
we've come to antagonize!

Behold my wonders of true black magic
decapitation, scandals, abject judgments
roubles, jewels, Parisian garments
disgusting and shameless true black magic
disgusting and shameless true black magic

offer me your soul for favour
I can reunite you with your loved one
The Master!
My only favour you must comply
you shall accompany me to Satan's ball

spring full moon
walpurgis night completed
now you may meet your lover
the one you dearly call the master
I've revived his book
to deliver to his hands
drink once more from my chalice
and be granted eternal peace

Professor of black magic
Professor of black magic
Track Name: Intermission
Track Name: Giant Devilfish
I sludge across the land
To battle worth foes
Witness pure mulluska strength
Ultimate predator of the deep

Boats Crushed for my pleasure
Whales and sharks are my specialty
Vicious beak fuck devastation
Succumb to tentacle wrath

King of the ocean
Giant devilfish

I sludge across the land
To battle worthy foes
Frankenstein King kong, too weak for me
Mighty devilfish supremacy
Track Name: Lust for the Curse
Eons of travelling through the cosmos
To obtain the power of the ancient ones
An Elixir of Desire

Lust for the curse

Wonders beyond dreams
Erotic to the soul

Lust for the curse

Probing among unspoiled societies
Luring the willing and unsuspecting
Purging the stars of their secrets

Lust for the curse

Embracing the ecstasy
A rapture like no other

Lust for the curse

the honey drips from the ends of the world
for generations of suggestion past to present
the fruits ripen yet
those who taste fall
eternal temptations oh
ripe succulent fruit
embrace our sickness

Eons of travelling through the cosmos
To obtain the power of the ancient ones
An Elixir of Desire

Lust for the curse
Track Name: Pagan Rape
Incestuous outcasts gather together
Intoxicated, lust driven, frenzied
Hail the towering flame
Beast-God worship

Frolic among the kindred
Share the sounds of morbid
Free the god inside the beast
Burn the shell of material

Relentless consumption of offerings
Drawing the spirit from the vine
A festival of lustful worship
Beast-God Worship!

A sudden silence
The wind speaks:
"Ye of wild, apart from the worship of man,
Denouncers of moderation, I warn"
The collective questions
The wind speaks again:
"There comes a purification, of wild intent!
Behold your gluttonous and sordid ways!"

A terrible chill sweeps over the pagans
A horrific howling filters through the air
The burning fury of anticipation
Devouring the loins of abandon
The blood purity declaration
Antiquated perspectives mentally penetrated

Cacophonous confrontation bellows throughout the land
Barbed clubs pummel the craving masses
Fluids drizzle from fresh crevices
Eyes roll back in delirious ecstasy
Track Name: Hunted and Deranged in this Bleak Zone
Fear and death on my path, morning sun lights his way
No vantage gained, nowhere to hide, only run until I die
Hunted, Hunted

Storming sands
Obstruct my way
lifting the veil
Disorienting terrain

Disbelief in deceiving eyes, he ravages my cursed mind
A dark figure approaches, my death awaits!!
Deranged, Deranged

Storming sands
Obstruct my way
lifting the veil
Disorienting terrain

In this wasteland of horror, illusions shift and change
Insanity grips and takes it's hold, no salvation, no hope
Hunted, Hunted, Deranged, Deranged

The fabrics bend and the threads break their seams
Transcending boundaries the warrior appears
Time is but a dimension, the hunter is the vessel
Crossing through centuries and millenias

You're lost in time and space
Never to come back again